TM-A Fully Automatic Blanking Stripping Machine

TM-A Fully Automatic Blanking Stripping Machine

  • TM-A Fully Automatic Blanking Stripping Machine
  • TM-A Fully Automatic Blanking Stripping Machine

TM-A Fully Automatic Blanking Stripping Machine

Type Fully automatic stripping machine
Driven Type Hydraulic
Service Location India Turkey Egypt Algeria Kuwait Qatar France Myanmar Vietnam also South Africa

Product Details
TM-A One time finishing automatic paper Stripping Machine belongs to post printing machine, after processing of paper creasing and die cutting, good partner of the semi-automatic die cutting machine and roll paper flat die cutting machine.
TM-A series microcomputer stripping machine for automatic cutting and manual die after various types of cigarette case, wine package box, PCS, cosmetics boxes, bottom lock boxes, since the deduction boxes, shaped boxes, trademark(logo), and other packaging automatic demolition or stripping edge professional equipment.
TM-A Fully Automatic Blanking Stripping Machine
1.It replaces manual labor, and improves product quality and enterprise benefit.
2.It adopts servo motor, Taiwan double guide rail and ball screw which makes accuracy less than 0.02mm.
3.The latest hydraulic system with inserted motor and oil temperature cooling fan (power 3.75kw). So it has constant and big working pressure.
4.The complete machine is equipped with Shneider/Omron PLC, and with a touch screen interface in operation. The operation is safe and easy.
Technical Parameters
Model TM-780A TM-1080A
Max. sheet size(mm) 780*540mm 1080*780mm
Max. pile height(mm) 60mm 60mm
Min. pile height(mm) 30mm 30mm
Bench height(mm) 850mm 850mm
Max. stripping size(mm) 780*540mm 1080*780mm
Min. stripping size(mm) 30*30mm 30*30mm
Stripping speed 5time/min 5time/min
Max. pressure(bar) 100bar 100bar
Machine dimension 1600*1600*1750mm 1900*2100*1750mm
Machine weight 2500kg 3200kg
Powder voltage 360-420v 360-420v
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Max. consumption power 9kw 9kw
Air consumption 2L/min 2L/min
Air compression 4-7bar 4-7bar
Input power 3Phase 3Phase

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