Automatic Folder Gluer Collector,China Factory Cheap Price

Automatic Folder Gluer Collector,China Factory Cheap Price

  • Automatic Folder Gluer Collector,China Factory Cheap Price
  • Automatic Folder Gluer Collector,China Factory Cheap Price

Automatic Folder Gluer Collector,China Factory Cheap Price

Real Star, a prominent Folder Gluer Collector Manufacturer and Supplier based in China, specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet diverse industry needs. Our Automatic Folder Gluer Collector, available at the Best Price, is designed for Full Speed and High-Speed operations, ensuring optimal efficiency in various production environments.

Product Details

Automatic box paper bags collecting machine, Automatic box collecting machine, driven by independent motor, can be matched with all kinds of folder gluer of any brand including bobst that exist in today's market. Different types of boxes and paper bags can be counted in batches, such as straight- line boxes, 4&6 corner boxes, double-side wall boxes, roll feed paper bags and sheet feed paper bags etc., which significantly improves the productivity of folder gluer . REALSTAR collector requires only one person, easy to operate. To improve full speed paper box production.

Automatic setting
Automatic sizing setting no need tools just touch screen and computer control Memory system ;have program system can be save and load formulas as named Speed control separated adjustable Fullset of Schneider or Siemens electronics branded control

Adopts motor direct transmission structure.
Adopt segmented induction control operation design.
Balanced transmission and lower noise;

Overall structure
The overall structure is newly optimized design;
Transferring belts turn boxes 90-degree turning, each guide wheel on the upper belt
can be adjusted individually.

As a leading ODM and OEM provider, Real Star takes pride in offering a Customized Folder Gluer Collector, catering to the unique specifications and requirements of our clients. This personalized approach sets us apart as a reliable partner in enhancing operational capabilities.

Our Cheap Folder Gluer Collector, meeting international standards without compromising on quality, positions Real Star as a cost-effective choice for businesses seeking top-notch equipment at competitive prices. The Folder Gluer Collector Cost is carefully considered, providing exceptional value to our clients.

Operating from our advanced Folder Gluer Collector Factory in China, we harness manufacturing expertise and cost advantages to supply high-quality solutions globally. Real Star is synonymous with reliability, offering Folder Gluer Collectors not just for sale but as a strategic investment to enhance production processes.

Choose Real Star for the Best Price, unparalleled quality, and advanced technology in Folder Gluer Collectors. Whether you seek Customized, OEM, or Cheap options, we are your dedicated partner, ensuring your production processes are streamlined and efficient.

Item RS-FS420A
Application Cardboard, corrugated board E, N & F Craft paper
Product Width 75-420mm
Product Height 70-380mm
Speed Max 14m/min
Total power 1.5KW
Dimension 2000* 2500*1500mm
Weight 800kgs

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