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ZFM-1080A Automatic Film Laminating Machine

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ZFM-1080A Automatic Film Laminating Machine

Functional Advantages:
ZFM-1080A Automatic Vertical Laminator Machine is multifunction type, which can apply to glue base laminating and thermal film laminating. Electrical appliance component is centralized controlled by programmable system, touch screen system is easy for operation. Bulky heat conducting oil roller inner circulation system with hydraulic laminating system guarantee high speed lamintion.
Configuration & Functions:
1.Automatic Feeder: Adopts offset feeder with advanced pneumatic side lay , which fastest can feed around 15000 sheet/h. Non-stop and pre-stack feeding can effectively improve work efficiency.
2.Overlapping Regulator: Servo-controlled overlap with front lay guarantee accurate and stable.
3.Drying And Heating System: Bulky drying roll with special IR heating layout inside, which can heat the roll faster and saving 40% energy. Large heating roll by oil heating, which can lead to high working speed(65-70m/min)
4.Main Machine Body: Thick machine body (25mm thickness) enhances stability and control.
5.Man-Machine Interface System: Advanced 10inch color screen with PLC system make the operation easy and convenient.
6. Anti-Curvature Device: Avoid paper curvature and make the paper smooth, especially for thin paper.
7. Corrugrated Delivery: Better and easy for collecting paper.
8. Automatic Stacker: Non-stop with IR sensor, intelligently requlate the height of pile without stop the machine as well as counter the sheets.


Auto Feeder
Maintenance-free offset feeder with high speed and noiseless, servo controlled feeder and a photoelectric sensor to ensure that paper is continuously fed into the machine

Front and side lay
Servo controller for front lay to control the overlapping deviation within ±2mm,side Lay Mechanism guarantees precise paper alignment at all times.

Chain Cutter
Chain cutter system apply to all kinds film lamination in accurate separation without film margin.

Man-Machine Interface
10 inch color touch screen, easy for setting parameter and the operator can check the machine running status.

Separating System
Pneumatic perforating device with disc cutter and can be regulated as the size of paper. Pneumatic separation system mainly designed for BOPP film without margin.

Corrugrated Delivery
Especially design for thin paper, which can reinforced hardness and collects paper easily.

Auto Stacker
Non-stop paper collection mechanism with automatic waste discharge, reduce unplanned downtime and improve efficiency. Three-sided tidy dam-board makes the paper pile well-groomed.


Max. sheet size 1080*1000mm
Min. sheet size 350*295mm
Paper thickness 105-500Gsm
Height of feeding pile 1060mm
Height of stacker pile 1060mm
Machine speed 80m/min
Working speed 50-70m/min
Machine power 60kw
Working power 20-25kw/h
Dimension of machine L9500×W2800×H2650mm
Machine weight 7000kg

Actual Picture

1. Sheet Feeder
We adopt offset feeder header, that’s makes the sheet feed more stable and smooth.
The feeder is non-stop type with two feeder piles, can keep running the machine when run out the feed pile. The Max. feeding speed is 15000 sheet/h.

2. Feeder Control Panel

3. Sheet Platform
The machine is equipped with high precision side lay and front lay, that’s makes the overlapping keep same and every sheet can keep pace in high speed. The overlap width can be regulated from 3mm to 40mm.

4. Film unwinding and glue coating
Install air shaft for film unwinding with film blade for waste film rewinding. The machine adopts dual glue rollers with drawknife, which can save much glue and remain stable. Generally speaking, it requires about 10-15g/m2 of glue. (By the way, we also can offer glue).

5. Laminating Unit
Big drying roller by electric heating(Φ800mm ), we adopt IR lamps with specific layout, that can makes the roller heating faster and save 40% power.
Heating roller by oil heating(Φ380mm ), that makes the temperature to 180℃ and can keep constant temperature in high speed laminating.
Pressure rubber roller (Φ300mm ), with automatic pressure regulation, which makes the laminating effect perfectly without bubbles、spots or wrinkle.

6. Touch screen
Color touch screen with PLC system, all the machine units keep abreast and easy for operation.

7. PET cutter
With touch screen, and keep same step with machine by PLC System.
IR Probe for detecting the paper sheets
Imported Chain machine the sheet without margin and with high speed.

8. Glue pump
Absorb glue automatically and easy for cleaning.

9. OPP Separator
Rotate blade cutter for OPP film with pneumatic sheet separating, that’s makes the laminated sheets without margin, and prepare for next process.

10. Sheet stacker
Auto pile tidy dam board and IR probe for adjusting the height of pile.


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