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FM-1050 Semi Automatic Film Laminating Machine

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FM-1050 Semi Automatic Film Laminating Machine

Functional Advantages:
FM-1050 Semi-Automatic Vertical Laminator Machine is multifunction type, which can apply to glue base laminating and thermal film laminating. The machine has compact structure with the function of glue coating、drying、laminating and slitting, and suitable for Oily glue, Water-based glue, thermal film and no glue film.The machine is widely used in textbooks, calendars, cards, product samples, packaging cartons, standard plastic, printing and packaging and decoration.

Configuration & Functions:
1. Pneumatic front lay to control the overlap automaticlly with high pricision, which is easy for hand feed sheet operation.
2. Color man-machine interface with PLC system, easy for operation.
3. 600mm diameter drying roll heated by 18 pieces strength ir lamp with specially layout, which can pre-heat fast and save 1/3 energy.
4. Heat conducting oil rolller inner circulation system with 320mm diameter, makes temperature uniformity and heat fast.
5. Hot air circulation system, discharge water vapor and 30% energy saving.
6. Bulky press roll guarantee the laminating effect.
7. The main rotating section adopts nsk bearing.
8. Film cutter adopts two types: (1).cut by motor (2). Cut by circular knife.


Model FM-1050
Max Paper Size 1050mm
Laminating Speed 5-40m/min
Lamination Temperature 30-120℃
Lamination Pressure 5-15 mpa
Machine power 45kw
Working power 10-15kw/h
Overall Dimensions 6.5m×2.2m×2.3m
Weight 3000kg
Cutting Thickness ≥128g


1. Manual paper feeder

2. Front Lay for overlapping

3. Glue coating Unit

4. Drying part

5. Paper separating unit

6. Transmission part

7. Electrical box


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