Paper Bag Machine

RS-A Four heads paper bag eyelet machine

Four heads paper bag eyelet machine
Glue Type
Cold glue and Hot melt glue
Bag Type
Paper Bag
Service Location
India Turkey Egypt Algeria Kuwait Qatar France Myanmar Vietnam also South Africa
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RS-A Four heads paper bag eyelet machine


  1. used for making holes for hand bag, box, clothing and leather goods.
  2. the bookbinding and layout of confidential or normal files
  3. the counterfeit-proof bookbinding of certificates
  4. cards or commodity packing
Model RS-A
Max.bag area 85*450mm
Dotter thickness 10-50mm
Buckle type 4/5/6
Dotter speed 20-40times/min
Gas pressure 5-6Mpa
Voltage 220v
Dimension 700*800*1200mm
Net weight 120kg
Radio Frequency Identification seals Hygienic Butterfly Valves open collector NPN encoder sello de perno