Paper Bag Machine

RS-1100CS Semi Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Tube Making Machine ماكينة لتصنيع الحقائب الورقيه

RS-1100CS Semi Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Tube Making Machine ماكينة لتصنيع الحقائب الورقيه

Certification :
Type :
Semi Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Tube Making Machine
Transport Package :
Wooden Box
Glue Type :
Cold glue and Hot melt glue
Machine Type :
Bag Forming Machine
Bag Type :
Paper Bag
Characteristic :
Computerized :
Usage :
Shopping Bag, Garment Bag, Luxury Item Bag
Material :
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ماكينة لتصنيع الحقائب الورقيه

RS-1100CS hand sheet feeding bag tube forming machine is suitable for mass production of the paper bags with special paper and other different types of polished and laminated paper (need creased sheet paper as raw material). This equipment can be your first choice for processing high-grade and luxury handbags. The paper is automatically delivery by feeder (speed can be regulated by variable frequencies), then automatically positioned by the line aligning system, eventually output paper bag tube through gluing, tube folding and impressing process. This machine uses a number of proprietary technologies by which handbag forming precise can be higher, quicker and control adjustment more convenient.

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Main Features

  1. This machine adopts the precise automatically positioning system that the speed can be regulated by variable frequencies. The machine can save your large time and meet your personalized demand because it equipped with a digital display screw rod adjustment function which can adjust accurately when you want to change the specification of products.
  2. It uses hot-melt glue which is no harm to the environment. With high precision, this machine can make handbags with different specifications. It is an ideal equipment of manufacturing high-standard handbag.
  3. Adoptable Paper: kraft paper, art paper, white board paper, white cardboard, (including film adhesive paper and matt lamination paper) etc.

Max.sheet (WX L)    
Min.sheet (WX L)
Sheet weight
Bottom Width

Paper bag size:
Total Power
Machine Size
Total Weight
Glue Type


Max:330*450mm min:180*280mm
Water soluble cold glue/hot-melt glue

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