Paper Bag Machine

Fully Automatic Paper Handle Making And Pasting Machine ماكينة لتصنيع الحقائب الورقيه

Fully Automatic Paper Handle Making And Pasting Machine ماكينة لتصنيع الحقائب الورقيه

Certification :
Type :
Fully Automatic Paper Handle Pasting Machine
Transport Package :
Plastic Film
Glue Type :
Cold glue and Hot melt glue
Machine Type :
Paper Handle Pasting Machine
Bag Type :
Paper Bag
Characteristic :
Computerized :
Usage :
Shopping Bag
Material :
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ماكينة صنع الحقائب الورقية باسعار اتوماتيك بالكامل من ماكينات ألمانية التكلفة

مكينة لتصنيع الحقائب الورقيه

This machine is mainly supporting fully-automatic paper bag machines. It can produce the round rope paper handle on line ,and stick the handle on the bag on line too, which can be attached onto the paper bag without handles in further production and make it into paper handbags.                                                                             

This machine takes two kfraft paper rolls and one paper rope as raw material, sticks paper belts and paper rope together, which will be cut off gradually to form paper handles. In addition, the machine also has automatic counting and gluing functions, which can greatly improve the efficiency of subsequent processing operations of users.


Automatic paper handle making

Automatic paper handle gluing system

Automatic paper handles insert system with paper bag opening system

Overall Dimension 6000*1600H1500mm(L×W×H)
Motor Brand Longbang geared motor
Total Power 380V,10KW,50HZ
Servo Motor Brand Siemens
Servo Motor Power 750W one group
PLC Programming Brand Siemens
Hot-melt Machine Brand YUHONG CHINA
Mechanical Arm HIWIN Taiwan
Handle Length 152mm
Paper Width 40mm
Paper Rope Length 360mm
Paper Rope Height 140mm
Bag Width 250-400mm
Bag Height 250-450mm
Top Opening Size Over 130mm Bag Width minus the width of folding
Total Weight 2000kg
Production Speed 30-35pcs/min

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